Docker Deploys failing on OTP 24

I deploy to Render with Docker. This has worked fine until sometime today between 9A and noon Central time. I’ve started getting “Deploy failed” on all deployments. In one case, I get an error about GLIBC_2.29 not found but in another all I see in the log is

Dec 18 12:20:15 PM  #23 DONE 67.7s
Dec 18 12:20:19 PM  Pushing image to registry...
Dec 18 12:20:24 PM  DONE

I cannot replicate any issue building or running the Dockerfile on my own machine. I’ve made no changes to my web service today related to infrastructure, so I’m at a loss on how to troubleshoot this.

I just attempted to redeploy my last good, deployed commit and hit the same error. It seems my service is totally undeployable. Please advise.

It looks like this is isolated to the latest Erlang 24 OTP. Temporarily downgrading to OTP 23 unblocked me and my deploys. I’ll keep seeing if I can repro this somewhere else though

Looks like there was an upstream change in the Erlang 24 docker image upstream on Friday evening that changed the underlying Debian build from buster to bullseye. I fixed that in my Docker image. Apologies for assuming it was a Render deployment issue.

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