Docker deployment is stuck

Hi, I’ve been having issues with deploying Wordpress docker image to Render. It took like 10 attemps to deploy it in Oregon region but I’m not able to do it in Frankfurt region. I’m trying to deploy xxx image but it always ends with the following message

[Tue Dec 13 08:20:57.151779 2022] [core:notice] [pid 1] AH00094: Command line: 'apache2 -D FOREGROUND'

It looks like that the docker finished building but the deployment is stuck in “in progress” state and never finishes. I’m trying to deploy Wordpress Docker image with the following tag 6.1.1-apache. The image from one of your repositories in render-examples/wordpress works fine but it uses wordpress:5.3.2-apache

I tried to deploy the 6.1.1-apache locally and it works fine. It ends with the same message but it accepts incoming traffic.

Customer support is not really helpful because the guy is on the other half of the planet and we could exchange 3 messages in 5 days,


Just to follow up on this. We resolved this issue in another support channel.

I can’t say why exactly, but with the newer Wordpress Docker images you need to explicitly set a PORT environment variable (80 by default for these images) for the Deploy to succeed. In my testing this was not required for 5.3.2, but was for 6.1.1.



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