DNS update needed

Please bear with me, networking makes my brain itch.

I’m trying to put a static website up with a custom domain. The onrender URL works fine. The root rusula dot com seems to be fine, both Verified and Certificate Issued. However, www dot rusula just will not “turn green” no matter how many times I mash the “Refresh DNS” button.

Root is set to the provided IPv4 address.

For www. I have tried the onrender CNAME of as well as pointing at the root and neither one seems to work. The “DNS Update needed” message just will not go away.

This is my current setting in my old hosting provider:

www.rusula.com to a domain (CNAME) rusula.onrender.com

Any help, comments or sympathy welcome - thanks in advance!

It looks like www.rusula.com is an A record to our CDN’s IP rather than a CNAME to your onrender domain. Can you double check your DNS provider’s settings to make sure you are using a CNAME? If you are, I can help you debug further.

Hi Jake, thanks for the response

These are my settings at OVH.

I’m unsure how your configuration is causing www.rusula.com to point to the CDN IP. However, it looks like your *.rusula.com wildcard is working properly and will cover www.rusula.com. Can you try deleting the www domain and let it get handled by the wildcard?

I tried that and it didn’t work either, but when I deleted www. entries from the “DNS Zone” tab (I have no idea what that does!) it seemed to sort everything out!

Thanks so much for your patience and for pointing me in the right direction!

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