Disks - How to export data?

Hello! I cannot find anywhere information on how I can export data from discs.
I can restore snapshots, but I am not able to export data. That is quite critical if I need that data also locally.

Go to the “Shell” tab for your service and install magic-wormhole. Note that dumpcommand is just a placeholder for whatever command you use for your generating a dump of your data.

dumpcommand $db_name > dump
apt update && apt install magic-wormhole
wormhole send dump

Check out this link for more info on the service and what the use case looks like. Make note of the code that appears in the output from wormhole. Then from any internet-connected machine, install magic wormhole and run wormhole receive , entering in the code when prompted.

Note that we do take regular snapshots of the disk backing your data: Disks for Persistent File Storage | Render, feel free to upvote these feature requests:
Download data from Render disks | Feature Requests | Render
Cloud Object Storage | Feature Requests | Render

Brilliant. Thanks a lot. Works like charm.


Hi, thanks for the tip but apt looks not available in this shell, how to use apt ?

Hi @kimsible, are you using Docker? If so, the operating system your image is based on may have a different package manager, like apk or yum. You can run cat /etc/os-release in the shell to figure out which operating system is being used.