Can't follow the official documentation

I am facing dilemma: I have to update some files on the persistent disk, and according to the documentation, it’s either scp + ssh or magic-wormhole. Using the “Shell” menu remote access I can’t see the wormhole or even apk package manager. So, if it’s not available via shell, then what should I do?
The service I have to deploy uses Docker container and adding the “RUN apk update” throws error that apk is not found. So, what’s the correct way to edit the files on the Persistent Disk which is mounted to the defined mount point in this instance?

Hi there,

You will need to either use SCP or Magic Wormhole if you want to copy files from your local machine to your disk. To get either of these working we will need to know more about your deployed service on Render. Can you use the Help menu on our dashboard to open a ticket directly with us.


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

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