Difference between Starter Plus and Standard

The Pricing list does show 1 extra GB for the Standard plan, but is there any difference in the CPU unit? I’ve tried both and it seemed to me that the Standard plan has a more powerful CPU so that’s why I’m asking.

Thank you for the response!

Hi @bw-sergiu,

Yes, that’s correct. The difference between the Starter Plus and Standard plan is the extra 1GB of RAM. The CPU is typically the same for both plans.

I hope that helps, and let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

Hey @jim , thanks for your response.

When you say typically the same, it sounds to me like sometimes it can be sightly different? Is it possible that these two different plans are maybe hosted on two different underlying providers, and that’s maybe why I’ve noticed a difference in performance? Of course I could’ve been wrong in my observations…

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Of course, @bw-sergiu. Thank you for the question!

The provider your service is hosted on will only change if you move your service to a different region:

OK got it, thank you @jim !