[Bug] Server frequently overloaded, not getting 1 CPU

This is a Starter Plus, which promises “1 CPU”. You can see that my three Ruby processes are highly optimized and use very little CPU. However, the server is overloaded — lots of wait time, load avg. above 32, etc.

This resulted in my app’s response times slowing down to 10x the norm:

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 11.33.10 PM

My expectations are that this wouldn’t / couldn’t happen. ?
Thanks in advance.

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I just happened to check, and it’s overloaded again, load average = 39.

This is my web service:

Now I’m getting 100x slowdown from noisy neighbors? Faulty hardware?

Slower still

Upgrading to “Pro” plan w/ “2 CPU” as a test — it’s doing better, although not as spec’d.

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