Deploys & PR Deploys not working

I am successfully using static site for one private repository and it is working great
I’m trying to setup a second one now which has a production & develop environment (based on master & developer branch) and using your IaC approach with the render.yaml
But for this (public) repository I cannot get it to work. Neither the merges onto develop are deployed nor my PRs. Just nothing happens, no events are triggered whatsover.

The impacted repository is this one: GitHub - meshcloud/meshcloud-docs: meshcloud Platform Documentation. There is a render.yaml in there with all information.

I don’t know why but it did work for one PR at some point as you can see by the Render bot comment.

The PR I mentioned is here: fix: Enter RootDir for Render by Jelledb · Pull Request #551 · meshcloud/meshcloud-docs · GitHub

I could not post 2 links in the first post.

I figured it out!

Funnily enough I had the same problem with Netlify and I forgot about it.

The issue is that if no changes are done under the RootDir, nothing is triggered. This makes sense but it would be so great if there is at least some visibility into that. Currently is completely silent about it and it’s really annoying to figure this out.

Thanks for the update - I’m glad you figured it out and I’ll make sure the team sees this feedback,


John B

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