How to successfully deploy in render?

Hi at all,

I want to create a web service in render from a github fork I pulled.
Render sometimes asking for a .yaml file or stopped the deployment
of file. So I copied the repo and deleted the file which will
end in a deploy stop but render don’t want to deploy successfully, it
is over serval minutes in progressing or goes in stop.

On Heroku the deployment was from the start successful and also on
Mogenius (without changes from the Heroku base repo).

Here is the link to the repo I want to deploy. Which changes needs
to be done? Do I need a extra file, which Code needs to be in it?
Or do I need to change existing files?

Hi there,

We took a look and attempted to deploy this service but ran into this issue:
fail: Ipd.Core.Jobs.DiscordMessengerJob[0]
I haven’t been able to track down anything online surrounding this issue but perhaps that is a good place to start.

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