Deploy failed but no logs

I’m trying to deploy my project, but every time I try, all I get is

Jan 30 10:29:52 AM  ==> Generating container image from build. This may take a few minutes...
Jan 30 10:30:49 AM  ==> Uploading build...
Jan 30 10:31:04 AM  ==> Build uploaded in 12s
Jan 30 10:31:04 AM  ==> Build successful 🎉
Jan 30 10:31:04 AM  ==> Deploying...

and when it immediately fails with no further logs. I tried looking if anyone had this issue before, and it seems that previously it was issues on side.

I cleared cache and it works.

Hey Dimitri,

It looks like you already have a support ticket raised with us, let’s avoid duplicates and continue the conversation there.

Jérémy, Render Support

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