Deploying a nuxt application on render

How do i deploy a nuxt.js application in render?
The nuxt application is running in ssr mode

Hey Okari,

I don’t have experience working with Nuxt.js. Is there a specific issue you were running into when setting it up on Render?

I haven’t yet tried. If you could walk me through the deployment process, i would appreciate it. This is actually my first time using render and i am still working my way through how the entire platform works.

I encourage you to try going through the setup flow.

From your dashboard:

  • Click “New +” -> Web Service
  • Choose the repository that contains your Nuxt application
  • Make sure the “Node” environment is selected
  • Define the build and start commands to run your service
  • Optionally define any environment variables in the “Advanced” section
  • Click “Create Web Service”

Your application should then be built and deployed. Once that’s done, you can visit the site using the URL found on your dashboard.

Let me try that. Thank you.

for anyone else who comes here to search for nuxtjs help, it was as simple as connecting to the repo and entering in these two commands npm run build && npm run generate and point to the ./dist folder to get it to work using the static site service wizard.


Finally! Thanks @eifuentes!

Added in

npm install

So now it’s

npm install && npm run build && npm run generate

to get everything working.
Needed to include npm install to get things going, but there probably is a better way?

no problem @frank glad it was helpful. I did not have to add npm install as I believe that is run prior to the build command to establish the node environment for the build, but I could be wrong, worth trying both and see what works. Also sharing this helpful link by render in the 3 ways to establish the node version.

I like to add the engine in my package.json regardless, and setting the ENV vars in the service settings tab explicitly. I am currently using the latest LTS 14.15.3 i.e. NODE_VERSION to 14.15.3 and setting NODE_ENV to production.

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 10.06.42 AM

Node’s LTS page for reference.