Help on First NUXT SSR Deploy


Im trying to deploy a fresh NUXT install but it keeps failing. I have the project on GitHub - iamdagy/test2: test

I’ve gotten different errors in different steps. Now Im getting:
:heavy_multiplication_x: Nuxt Fatal Error
Error: Cannot find module ‘@nuxtjs/eslint-module’
Require stack: │/opt/render/project/src/node_modules/@nuxt/core/dist/core.js

I have yarn install && yarn build in build command and yarn start in the start command. I set the NODE_ENV to production.
I just tried to move the eslint module to dependecies instead of devDependecies but that doesnt work either.

Thanks in advance, Its probably something very simple. but is my first deploy and I cant find the answer yet.

From what I can see it looks like you were able to get your service deployed. Are you still running into this issue?

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Hello Jake!, yes it is finally working!!

I found 3 things that are needed for the SSR deploy on render:

  1. Using yarn install && yarn build for build command and yarn start for start command

  2. setting the next block of code to the nuxt.config.js file
    (although Im not sure why it is needed)
    server: {
    port: 10000,
    host: process.env.NODE_ENV === ‘production’ ? ‘’ : ‘localhost’,

  3. Not setting ENV variables.