Deployment doesn't automatically install dependencies - fails


I’m tryiing to deploy a Nuxt.js app as a simple web service. For the build command I entered yarn build as is the default for any Nuxt app. For the start command I entered yarn start as is also a default. However, the deployment fails because “nuxt” is not found, because the dependencies are never installed. I had to change my build command to yarn install && yarn build for it to work.

The other problem I’m having is after the deployment runs yarn start it will start listening on localhost:10000 and the deployment will forever stay “in progress”, the app is at this point also not accessible from the standard domain “” (blank page).


  1. How do I configure the deployment to automatically install deps in the future?
  2. How do I configure the app in render so that the app domain points to my app?

Hi elbojoloco,

  1. You should be able to just keep your build command as yarn install && yarn build to guarantee it installs dependencies.

  2. It sounds like you might need to specify the port in your nuxt.config.js file. You might want to try adding the following to that file:

server: {
port: 10000,
host: process.env.NODE_ENV === ‘production’ ? ‘’ : ‘localhost’