Nuxt.js "console.log" not showing up in Render logs During SSR

Hi, I’ve added several console.log statements to my backend JS code that runs during server side rendering with Nuxt. However, I can’t find these anywhere in Render. Does Render suppress console.log, or logging in any way?

I can confirm the logs show up when I run locally.

Hi @tylersandman, welcome to the Render community! We shouldn’t be suppressing any logs for web services, however, for static sites the only available logs are logs produced during the build process. Can you let me know which service is affected so I can take a look?

Hey tyler, thanks for the reply.

This is affecting my web service at

I took a look at your service and it looks like it stopped logging the start command, etc. around commit 787f656. Is there anything that you changed in your configuration around that commit that may have turned logging off? Also, were you able to see logs before this commit? We haven’t changed anything on our end with how we handle log statements and I was able to deploy a simple Nuxt.js app with basic logging that worked.

Thanks again for the reply.

That’s interesting, I didn’t change anything in the configurations related to logging (that I know of). I’ll have to do some more investigating and see if there’s some sort of error on my end.

I was never able to see logs, even from my first commit.