Deployed Dash app Successfully But!

I have deployed my dash app successfully, But when I click on the url from my browser I get this “http 404 error”. Wondering why? Checked the log as well but i see no fatal error message!

Thanks in advance.

HI Mahadi,

Thanks for reaching out.

There was an incident related to new free services & 404s in Ohio, which is now resolved:

I’ve not seen any 404s while refreshing the URL you shared.

Kind regards


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Now i see it working, thanks for the help.

I believe that is why my app did not work yesterday, but all is good now.

Thanks for starting this topic @MahadiHasan.

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I’m a big fan of your channel Adam. Actually i did this deployment on render after watching your videos. You’re amazing. Also render is an amazing platform. Also chosen ‘ohio’ as per your video suggestion. “We are better together”.

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Thanks for watching my channel @MahadiHasan

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