Deploy failed even after building successfully

Hello community,
My app is working fine but deploy fails for newer commits, I tried rolling back to older ones, that succeeded and those also fail. Anyone have any leads. The deploy says failed on the top but in the logs, it’s still deploying, never faced this weird issue before.

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same here

This is currently happening to me , I get a 404 even after a successful deployment

I think mine is different, cause I am not getting a successful deployment


We’re not able to check all your services individually via this post, if you have any issues, please contact us via the “Contact Support” form in the Render dashboard.

Deploys for the service mentioned in the original post seem to be OK now.

Jérémy, Render Support

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Same issue…

Hi Jeremy, I got same issue, deploy failed 2 min before end of deployment…

I noticed your answer and I will contact support for dedicated support.

Anyway I just would like to add a funny notice : you “contact support” link is at the bottom of the dashboard in footer element. If you have a looooong list of deploy failed because you test it a lots, then you scroll down, and have next page loaded so you “never” reach the footer “contact support” link ^^ … you will finish by successfuly reach end of your deploy failed event of course but there is maybe a UX issue here.

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