Deploy Failed Node.js App

Im trying to host a discord bot and Im having problems.

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The error is telling you that there is no build script. If you go to your render dashboard, find your app, select settings and scroll down you should find where you can enter the build command. Usually for node something like npm ci or yarn to install dependencies is enough.

Check out: Deploy a Node Express App | Render

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I have in the build command: npm install; npm run build

Ah so it’s telling us that there is no such script. If you check your package.json is there a script called build?

I’m guessing there is no build script in package.json and you can remove it from your build command and just leave npm install

Gives me this now

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I’m guessing this is the start command failing. How is your project structued and what is your start command.

Does your project run locally?

yes, I run it locally


If you’re still having an issue with our service, please contact us through the “Contact Support” form via your dashboard so we can help :slight_smile:

Jérémy, Render Support

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