Deploy build on other services

I have a minio server and a web application - I’d like to delay my web application’s build step until the minio server finishes booting. When initially deploying the blueprint this happens - the build for the web app doesn’t start until all attached services finish. Can I recreate that behavior as part of a normal deploy?

NC isn’t installed on the machines so even a trusty

while ! ping -c 1; do echo 'Wait minio to startup...' && sleep .1; done;

won’t work

Hey Ben,
We’ve actually been talking about this internally for services within applications that have dependencies on other services as we don’t have a good solution at the moment.

Also, you would been to be careful with sleep as you may then hit a timeout as if the (in this example) minio server takes too long to come up then we would timeout the build as it took too long to bind to the port.

Sorry we don’t have a better answer just yet but we’re definitely aware of the request,


John B

Awesome - thanks for the reply.

Awesome - thanks for the reply.

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I know this is a bigger issue than just my usecase, but since my case is on the simpler side of things I’m curious if you have an “official” solution to this specific minio issue.