Datadog logs not working with Render

  1. I created a log stream
  2. I am on US1 region on DataDog so I used
  3. I add my api key from datadog as a token for log stream
  4. Nothing happened, when I navigate to logs page in DD it gives me a getting started guide instead of my logs

How to get the logs working?

So when you config a log stream we’ll send a test log message - Render test log - being as the only configuration on our side for this is the endpoint URL (which looks good) and the API key (which we assume is good) then it suggests some config DD side,


John B

Problem is I don’t even get Render test log message
I did log stream config and then when I navigate to Datadog: Log In I don’t see any logs but instead I am redirected into onboarding for logs
which means Render log stream is not connected to dd

My question was how to fix it?


I tried to set up another DD account from scratch (us1 region) and now it’s working

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