Database replica has the same credentials even after being deleted and re-created

Hello, can someone help me?
I have a database called abc and i have a replica for it called abc-replica. I’ve deleted the replica a few times and recreated it in an attempt to flush the credentials.
The problem is:
The username, password, host and all configuration never changes for the newly created replica. This is causing security problems at my company. Is this a known bug?

Hi @itssasanka, this is expected behavior at the moment. The use case for needing separate credentials for the replica is not supported at the time. Please feel free to submit this as a feature request so that we can track interest and prioritize it accordingly.

I have the same need albeith for a different use case. I’ve added the feature request here:

@itssasanka I would appreciate it if you could give it an upvote :slight_smile: