Dashboard Login Problem

Last night suddenly I’ve been logged out automatically and i caouldn’t log back in with Github nor User/Password… Whenever i try to login the dashboard page will show for some seconds and then logs out again …


Can’t believe,same happened with me as well. Been getting, “this service has been suspended by the owner” ; since yesterday and yesterday only i deployed :face_holding_back_tears:. Is it the same case with you?

For reference, Some of my website links are :

  1. https://netflixapi-v9xz.onrender.com
  2. https://netflix-admin-web-app.onrender.com/login


If you have any login issues, please raise a support ticket first.

Jérémy, Render Support

Hey Jeremy,can u point me to correct url for the ticket please,i m not aware about the process…

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