Can't login and website is down: "This service has been suspended by its owner."

I can’t login to my dashboard and the website is down with this error: “This service has been suspended by its owner.”. This is an [503] error.

Are there more users experiencing this issue?

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Hey Jason,

I’ll be reaching back to you via your support ticket. We can close this topic to avoid any duplicates.

Jérémy, Render Support

Thanks a lot . I hope you can help me very soon. My support ticket is 29642

Hi Jérémy,

I still haven’t heard anything from support. My website is down for almost 3 days now and I’m getting really impatient.

Hope to hear from you very soon.

Regards Jason

Hey i just experienced the same and getting exactly the same error. Any updates would be much appreciated

For reference, Some of my website links are :


I’m experiencing the same issue. With my account, could anyone help look into this? Thanks.

This is exactly what is happening to me. I hope someone can get to me fast because I need this for a school assignment.

I too have the same issue. Cannot login and use another acc as github is already being used for my previous account.
Can someone give me a quick fix for this.

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