I can’t deploy a free web service in render

i lost my old account some how . and i could’nt recover it so i opened my new render account . then i tried to deploy my web service but it says it’s needs a credit card information but i am student under 18 so i don’t have any credit card so i can’t use render anymore . there is any solution for that ??



A credit card is sometimes required for verification purposes, there’s no way around that. You wouldn’t get charged as long as you’re not using any paid services.

Render Support, UTC+3

The option of Free plan is given but when I select it and then click on “create a web service” it’s shows “this action isn’t allowed” I am a student and I can’t use render.com now.

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I also can’t use service because got “Your card has been declined.” error.
Nice )))

Those are different kinds of issues, please contact us through support@render.com so we can figure out what’s going on.

Render Support, UTC+3

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