CouchDB Cluster

Hello! I was wondering if someone was able to help me materialize a render.yaml type infrastructure that would be a fully formed couchdb 3.1.1 cluster. I started with that I cloned from mongo and made some edits and then got lost on how I would set up the cluster :(. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello! Unfortunately, it might be complicated to construct a neatly contained render.yaml for a Couchdb cluster. It looks like you’re on the right path for setting it up in general, though.

Some considerations while you’re developing this setup:

  1. You should set a NODENAME environment variable for each of your nodes, with the value set as their fully qualified domain names.
  2. I believe you’ll also need static IP addresses to configure the cluster. You should be able to use Quotaguard to help with this.
  3. Even after the services are started up, I believe you’ll need to go through the CouchDB Startup wizard to configure the cluster.