How to connect Render App to Render MongoDB database

Hello everyone!
I’ve hosted my first app on render, a chat app, however it needs a mongoDB database to run correctly.
Usually while developing the app I would use the mongoDB database that I have downloaded locally on my machine, and link it in my nodeJs file using something like “'mongodb://localhost:27017/chatApp”. However, I am not sure how to link the Render app to the render mongoDB that I deployed by following this link: Deploy MongoDB | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers

Thank you in advance for your support!

Hi @Guy_M,

Welcome to the Render community! Your MongoDB service should be accessible to your NodeJs app using the host:port displayed in your dashboard so something like mongodb://mongo-xyz:27017

Hey Tyler!
Thank you for the quick reply! I was able to solve this issue by using mongoDB Atlas, the mongoDB cloud database service.