Our server is ignoring render.yaml

We have our backend deployed to render using NestJS, it is building our server image using the following Dockerfile (feedback about is appreciated as well haha), but it seems that the render.yaml file we have is being ignored. We need it to work to be able to load a CloudSQL proxy so we can connect to our DB.

# FROM node:16-alpine as development
# WORKDIR /usr/src/app
# COPY package*.json ./
# COPY yarn.lock ./
# RUN yarn install --only=development
# COPY . .
# RUN yarn build

# FROM node:16-alpine as production
# ARG NODE_ENV=production
# WORKDIR /usr/src/app
# COPY prisma ./prisma
# RUN npx prisma generate
# COPY package*.json ./
# COPY yarn.lock ./
# RUN yarn install --only=production
# COPY . .
# COPY --from=development /usr/src/app/dist ./dist


  - type: web
    name: some-name
    env: docker
    branch: main
    dockerfilePath: ./Dockerfile
    dockerContext: ./

Hi there,
It’s rather confusing with the multiple topics you’re posting on to know where you are up to here - so I’m going to reply on this one because its your most recent interaction with us.

The render.yaml is only used if you’ve created the service via New > Blueprint and then picked the repo where the render.yaml is located - that will then create the services as defined in the render.yaml,


John B

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