Github actions and pipelines


I’m wondering what people are doing and if there are any recommendations, best-practices etc for what I’m aiming to get.

I’d like to have a CI/CD pipeline using Github actions. As is common, I need to run various checks and tests, and only if all stages pass, do I want the code to be pushed to render. Depending on the situation, to a staging environment, preview environment (is that possible?) or a production environment.

I’m thinking I’ll need to disable sync. Without sync, is the right approach to use the render api to deploy from the GH action?


Also I didn’t mention, but I did search prior posts and didn’t see anything answering my question.

Maybe this is the what I’m looking for and it’s in planning?

Some of the comments have detailed there what others with the same goals are doing as workarounds. This didn’t show up in my discourse search of the main forum.

You’re on the right lines.

You’d need to have your services set to not autodeploy and then trigger a deployment as part of your GitHub action - which you can do via our API or a GitHub action I wrote that does the same thing.

John B

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Thank you, I’ll check it out!

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