Connecting PosgreSQL to Dbeaver and transfer your current db into PosgreSQL(Render db)

Today i decided deploy my project on Render service and faced with connection problem between PosgreSQL(which providing Render) to Dbeaver.

So here is the answer step by step . Maybe somebody have the same issue and it he couldnt find answer.

After you created PosgreSQL db on Render go ahead and launch Dbeaverclick connect new db → chose PosgreSQL .
in host field type usernamedot → and from external link you should copy your domain adress usually it is after @ postgres://{username}:{pass}@{}/{db} in result you should have this {username}.{domain_example}

then fill rest of the field and press connect .It should connect your db .

Once you connected your db and trying launch your server it maybe will show you this error {Error: Could not init application: error: SSL/TLS required}.

What you should do it in your PostgreSQL config (this specially for Node.js , i am not sure about other librarys) add field "ssl: {
** rejectUnauthorized: false,**
** }"**
Should look something like this -
const dbClient = new Client({
** host: process.env.DB_HOST,**
** user: process.env.DB_USER,**
** port: process.env.DB_PORT,**
** database: process.env.DB_NAME,**
** password: process.env.DB_PASSWORD,**
** ssl: {**
** rejectUnauthorized: false,**
** },**

Then commit all your changes and try to deploy your project .
Hope i helped you with your problem at least i shared my experience and how i solved this .


Thank you for sharing this!

John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

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