Connect render to pgAdmin4


I’m new to render and trying to connect my postgres database with pgAdmin4.

in pgAdmin4 server setup, I’m putting the host name as the hostname listed in render. I’ve tried the internal url, external url as the host name as well. Also tried all combinations of possible database names and usernames but cannot get anything to connect.

I just get the error could not translate host name unknown host.

Could somebody please assist. Thank you

It’s the external database URL that you’re going to use and break up into the parts:

It is formatted as postgres:://username:password@host/db -

I paste the EXTERNAL DATABASE URL from our dashboard into the hostname and then I cut the constituent parts and move them into the relevant fields in the connection properties

the other important setting is to have SSL mode set to require:

Then that should prompt for your password and it should just work,

Let me know,

John B

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Hey John,

Thank you very much for the detailed walkthrough. I’ve managed to get it connected!

Kind regards,

I followed the directions, but after changing the SSL mode to “Require”, there is no prompt for a password. Is there a setting that needs to be altered for this to happen?

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