I can't establish a connection to PostgreSQL with Dbeaver


I Recently found render.com and I think it’s incredible.

I’m thinking about using the platform for my professional projects, but I have a incident when trying to use a PostgreSQL database for a test. It seems like I’m doing something wrong, that’s why I need your help to to solve it.

I’m trying to using dbeaver application to have the database connection in this test, but when I use de Host option to connect it throws an error and I have this configuration that render gives me:

It’s just a test, thats why I’m sharing the database connection settings, I will delete this database when I test it.

Thanks in advance for your answers!


If you’re connecting to a Postgres DB from outside Render, this is covered in the docs here: https://render.com/docs/databases#connecting-from-outside-render

Which shows the breakdown of the credentials in the “External Database URL” shown on the DB dashboard:


Database = DATABASE
User Name = USER
Port = 5432 (Postgres default)
Password = PASSWORD

You likely also need to set:
SSL Mode = “require”

You’d need to plug these details into DBeaver where appropriate.

Finally, ensure the Access Control settings on the database are valid.


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