Git clone, cannot clone public repo

Good afternoon guys,

First of all let me just say that I absolutely love what you are doing here, not just for the awesome product you have but your help in this community.

Guys, I’m currently creating a bluepring using my personal account as a team member of my business account.

My personal account is the one that have github access to my repo, my business account does not.

For some reason during deployment I see the error:

Jan 27 04:53:29 PM  ==> Downloading cache...
Jan 27 04:53:35 PM  ==> Downloaded 65MB in 3s. Extraction took 2s.
Jan 27 04:53:37 PM  ==> Detected Node version 10.17.0
Jan 27 04:53:41 PM  ==> Running build command './bin/'...
Jan 27 04:53:44 PM  Fetching gem metadata from
Jan 27 04:53:44 PM  Fetching
Jan 27 04:53:44 PM  Host key verification failed.
Jan 27 04:53:44 PM  fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
Jan 27 04:53:44 PM  
Jan 27 04:53:44 PM  Please make sure you have the correct access rights
Jan 27 04:53:44 PM  and the repository exists.
Jan 27 04:53:44 PM  
Jan 27 04:53:44 PM  Retrying `git clone '' "/opt/render/project/.gems/ruby/2.7.0/cache/bundler/git/tarpon-37870b613646d7f462c5eb44e081389880bdb0c6" --bare --no-hardlinks --quiet` due to error (2/4): Bundler::Source::Git::GitCommandError Git error: command `git clone '' "/opt/render/project/.gems/ruby/2.7.0/cache/bundler/git/tarpon-37870b613646d7f462c5eb44e081389880bdb0c6" --bare --no-hardlinks --quiet` in directory /opt/render/project/src has failed.

My gemfile points to a gem that I forked and currently that repo is public, so I wonder as to why git clone raises that error.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

It seems there may be an issue with it being referenced using SSH git@github:...?

I deployed a test app with:

gem 'tarpon', git: ''

In my Gemfile and it appeared to install successfully. Are you able to try that method to bring in the gem from GitHub?

Hope that helps


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