Does Render support running two apps from one repo (Nextjs and Strapi) ?)

I have a repo where two apps are hosted in different subfolders. Is it possible to run two apps from one repo?. Both have different package.json file.

Hi @blheson, welcome to the Render community!

This is possible, and if your app is in a subdirectory of the repo, you can include cd <directory> in the start command of your service before installing your dependencies and building your app.

There are some considerations to keep in mind when using this kind of setup. For example, if you have autodeploys enabled, any change to the repo will trigger a deploy on the service, which may not be desired if the change is not for the intended service. One way around this would be to disable autodeploys and set up a github action using the deploy hook, so that you can have more granular control over your deploys.

We have an open request around monorepo support here which you can upvote to receive updates on.