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We’re building products fast and furious, and with that we were happy to bump up to the Team plan at the beginning of the year. A key feature on that plan is chat support, which is listed on your pricing page. This has come up recently as one of our sites is randomly 502’ing (error before hitting our app).

Unfortunately it does not appear that chat support is actually offered. Our experience thus far:

  • Chat feature says 5-hour response time (that’s not chat), but the response took about 3 days.
  • My follow-up email reply to that response asking for the possibility of escalated support … it has been 8 days since I sent that email.
  • I just filed another request (response time listed at 2 hours - that’s not chat) asking if there is escalated support available (that comes with an hourly charge) or if the only option is truly upgrading to the unpriced Enterprise plan.

So my questions:

  • When will true chat support be available? (I understand there are rare times where the team is unavailable due to team building.)
  • Will you remove the chat feature from your pricing page until such time as it becomes available?
  • Will there be an escalated support option for those of us not on an Enterprise plan? When there is downtime we need an avenue for help, especially when it appears to be outside of our own systems. It would probably be reasonable to charge for that escalated support.

Thanks for any insight you can provide!

Hey Barry,

Firstly, I can see that your current chat conversation has already been responded to.

In regards to your other points, they’re entirely valid. Live chat hasn’t been a great experience, we’ve recently made significant changes and we aim to get to you a lot faster - only customers using our team plans and above get access to chat these days. Whilst we’d love to handle conversations synchronously for everyone that’s not a reality right now and a high percentage of chat is handled asynchronously as well as across timezones, we have Support agents in the US and the EU. However, right now, at 1119UTC, there are no chats awaiting a response. For full transparency, our 4-week median first time to respond to chat has been 3h 32m.

Are you contacting us from a different email address - or changed it recently? I only see the existing conversation for your email address via chat - and the only other ticket we have aside from this is back in February - so I’m a bit confused but would like to dig in further to see what’s happened with your other requests. We link up ticket/chat requesters with the team they relate to for prioritization reasons so if you’re contacting us from an account that’s not related to the team that might explain things. As this is a public forum please open a direct support ticket and we can chat further there.

In terms of getting in touch, I would push you towards using the ‘Help’ link in the top navigation of our dashboard when you’re viewing a service - this gives our agents contextual info alongside your request with team information etc - we can then move to chat separately if we need to.


John B

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