Certificate stuck on pending indefinitely

I have been waiting for a certificate (stuck on verified - certificate pending) for a wildcard domain (*.wellnow.de) for a few days now. Tried deleting and re-adding the custom domain a few times.

Might have something to do with having previously created a custom domain for an explicit subdomain which got a certificate no problem. When I deleted and re-added that custom domain, it issued a certificate for it instantly, which makes me think that its certificate was still kept in the system even after deleted. Maybe there is some conflict with having 2 certificates, that could both potentially point to the same subdomain?

On my staging app I did this same process the other way around, added the wildcard domain first, then a specific subdomain (I realize now that was unnecessary) and it had the same issue, but reversed, wildcard domain issued a cert no problem, but the specific subdomain was stuck in certificate pending indefinitely.

Hi @roboticforest

I’m looking into what’s happening with your certificate and will let you know when I have updates.

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Hi @roboticforest,

I see when I dig txt _acme-challenge.wellnow.de that there is TXT record for _acme-challenge.wellnow.de.

Can you check if this is set through your DNS settings? This TXT record maybe hanging around from a different DNS challenge to prove ownership and may be interfering with Render’s set up of your *.wellnow.de certificate.

I did find a txt record with _acme_challenge waaaay down in my dns settings! I removed it. Any further steps?

Im using cloudflare btw, in case thats useful. Appreciate the help.

I’ve just re-run the challenge for *.wellnow.de and successfully issued the certificate. Can you check that everything looks good on your end?

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Yes! Everything is working now. Thank you so much for your help.

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Awesome! Glad we got it fixed up.

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