Certificate pending for root and wildcard for static site again

Sorry to add my site to the list, but I’m having the same issue as a few others before. My static site arcsecond.io is waiting for certificates since about 12 hours.

As of now, the ‘www’ part is OK, but I am waiting for the root domain and the wildcard “*.arcsecond.io”. Anyone could help?

Thanks a lot.

We’re chatting with the poster via a support ticket inregards to this. We’ll share an answer when we have one,

John B

By clearing up the certificate requests queue, Render did solve my issue two weeks ago. Thanks!

However, I just noticed something strange today. My Render Dashboard is again saying that the root and wildcard domains have “Certificate pending” (the www is fine). But when I navigate to my site (choosing a non-www subdomain), the certificate is fine!

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