Site stuck at "certificate pending"

I provisioned a new static site. Initially the custom domain SSL was working fine, but now it’s serving * certs for my custom domain and the custom domain certificate status is stuck at “Certificate Pending”.

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Hey Olaf,

We’re looking into this now.

Hi @Jake - not sure if it’s a similar issue but we just tried to point our domain to our and we waited a full hour and still haven’t received a cert… We have had to roll back until we figure out what’s going on…

Hey @Christian_Welsh,

Yes that’s likely related. Our cert management infrastructure is falling a bit behind and cert generation is currently a bit delayed. We’re working on getting it caught up. We should have an update shortly.


@oalders It looks like your cert has now been issued.

@Christian_Welsh You should be clear to try again. Sorry for the disruption.


Thanks for the quick turnaround @jake!

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