Cannot access web service with render url

My server has been successfully deployed, when I go to the url generated by render in the logs I can see that the server is running but when I actually go to the url in the browser it keep on loading forever…](

This mean that my other url which has the frontend cannot use the server. Any advice?

Hi there,

Can you please provide more detail about what you mean by “loading forever”? is responding with a 404 response, but I probably need to use the correct URL to check it.

Is it your frontend that is loading forever? I would check your browser console from the frontend to see if there are any errors. Also, check the networking table to see what requests are being made to the backend. Check the response codes and any request/response headers.

You may want to use a tool like Postman or even plan old curl to directly test your backend to make sure it works as you expected.


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