Can we use worker insated web in Docker based app

Q- How to set Docker based python app [its not web app] as worker not web app on render?

I’m currently new joined to this community so i don’t know much about features so understand meh.

on heroku platfrom app can get deploy as worker / web both diiff way. i can’t see similar option on render

Hi there,

You would do this from the ‘New’ button in our dashboard - you would select Background worker and select the Github repo where your code resides.

We are different to Heroku where you deploy a single ‘app’ and it runs different processes defined via the Procfile. On Render, you would deploy each Heroku ‘process’ as a new service, be it web or background service or cron job.


John B

by using type=worker does it gets charged or free?

For web services we expect the process to bind to a port, a background worker won’t do that so we consider the service has failed.