Can not upgrade to Pro Plus database


I have upgraded to the Pro Plus database but the plan name shows that is has been upgraded but I’m still seeing 47 GB in storage and the other resources have not been upgraded as well.


Thank you


I believe we may have just rolled out a fix for this- can you confirm if your database storage now looks correct? If not, we’ll continue to look into the issue.

The upgrade was done but the other issue I’m having since this morning when I did the first upgrade (from Standard to Standard Plus) I’m seeing some unusual spikes in the CPU when I visit certain pages in my app and that wasn’t the case before, is this because of the upgrade?

My guess for those spikes is that before the upgrade, your database didn’t have enough CPU to handle the requests it was getting. Now that it’s upgraded, the same requests might be taking up 2 CPU because they have it available.

Since it’s only certain pages causing these spikes, it seems like there might be some slow queries in your service. To check, you can try running the following in your database to see if anything sticks out:
select query,calls,total_time,min_time,max_time,mean_time,stddev_time,rows from pg_stat_statements order by mean_time desc;

Your guess is not true since those pages were working before even when I was on the Standard plan and the first upgrade was to the Standard Plus before this started happening which has the same resources in terms of CPU and to confirm that is not a bad query that is doing this I ported the same database to another provider with the same data and less resources (1 GB Ram - 1 vCPU) and it is working just fine so it must be something on your end that’s causing this issue because it doesn’t make sense that a DB with less resources is able to handle my query while yours with 4 CPUs & 8 GB Ram is stuck and doesn’t return anything for a small data of < 1 GB.

P.S: Do you even monitor your support email I sent you a query there over a month ago and never heard back not even with an insult or something.

I’m sorry to hear that your experience has been negative. If you run the query from my last post, it should show you a few specific queries coming from your application that are taking 1-5 minutes to complete. If you want to lower your CPU usage, you might want to take a look at optimizing these particular queries.

Also, we do monitor I apologize for your last message there not being replied to- I think that the engineer on support at that time thought you had already handled the situation, and didn’t follow up. Still, we should have sent a message to relay that, so sorry for the confusion.

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Actually, you may not be able to run that query successfully on your database due to default permission issues - I’ll send you a DM with some results I found.

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For any others who were following this thread and might be curious- issue was resolved by working with 2belghafour to optimize some queries.