Deploy failed, no logs

I have a bot that processes messages… after about 8 minutes of waiting for new messages the deploy fails with no logs and the bot shuts down. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the bot, as it has performed fine in the past and usually gives an error in the logs if something crashes. How do I find out what’s going wrong?

By no logs, I mean no error logs… the logs that are there seem to indicate success

Hey there protojas,

It looks like you might be attempting to run a bot on Render, there are a bunch of things that you probably need to know.

Bots are best deployed to us using a Background service - these run persistently in the background and don’t expose any web server however, these service types aren’t available on the free plan.

If you try and run a bot via a web service the deployment will probably fail, typically about 10 minutes after you’ve deployed it and sometimes there are scenarios where 2 may be running for a period of time.

We’ve been alerted to issues running Discord bots on us being rate limited by Discord, this is down to how traffic leaves our services - this may result in you receiving a 429 from Discord or having your requests rate limited - we’ve reached out to Discord but we don’t have a solution here yet.

If this doesn’t answer your question just let us know and we’ll try and help where we can,


John B

Thank you, the not exposing the web service did seem to be the problem. I appreciate the quick response!

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