Are etags overwritten by Render's default CDN?

I’m trying to optimize some API endpoints by using ETags - using the ETag to essentially represent the current version of some data.

As far as I can tell, Render overwrites this ETag with its CDN configuration, so any ETags that my site sets are overwritten by what I think is Cloudflare’s versions. Would it be possible to not do this, so that sites that use etags for semantic purposes can do so?

Hi Tom,

For a web service, we allow you to set an eTag. There are a couple gotchas with Cloudflare and eTags, in particular:

Set a strong ETag header in quotes (Etag: “example”) or Cloudflare removes the ETag instead of converting it to a weak ETag.

I ran a simple test on a render web service and it seemed to keep the eTag.

You mentioned yours are getting overridden? Can you provide more examples if that’s the case.

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