Is Cloudflare supported as a CDN?

Using Cloudflare as a CDN in front of Render has been a rocky experience so far - getting the SSL certificate issued and then enabling the CDN and seeing the errors on the Render side, seeing requests stall out when hitting the Cloudflare CDN but work when hitting Render directly, and so on.

The current documentation on using Cloudflare with Render advises to make sure that the CDN is turned off:

Again, toggle the cloud icon so to make it gray instead of orange.

Is this a sign that using Cloudflare as a CDN isn’t supported?

Hi @tmcw, sorry for the delay here! Using Cloudflare’s CDN with Render should be supported. The instructions to toggle the gray cloud only applies to verifying the domain and issuing a cert. After that, you should be able to enable it back to orange.

We may need some additional details to understand what’s going wrong if you’re still having issues. Could you provide the name of the service, and provide some more details on how you’re setting up the CDN? Thanks!

Thanks! I think it was just an issue with the origin server which Cloudflare was changing because of its downtime prevention tech, which made it look like an incompatibility. Seems to be working well now!

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