Strapi/render caching issue

Hi all,

I am new to render and i am getting stuck with some caching issue.
I am not able to load any updated data from any field (admin) or webservice.
If i go to a collection and modify the value of any field then save. i am getting the confirmation from strapi that data is saved. However if i refresh the page the previous value is back in the field but database value is updated.

Same issue with webservice:
if i update any field using a PUT, value is updated in database, but my GET will only work once per unique url.

using a call such as will always return the same value unless i am adding a unique parameter to my url such as timestamp.

Using my localhost with production setting to the same database do not create this problem.

Configuration tested:
Render service + render database = caching issue
Render service + external database = caching issue
Localhost service + external database = no cache issue

Strapi: 3.6.3
no caching plugin
tested with and without maxAge: -1 for cors/public/hsts

Is it a common issue with strapi ? Do you have any solution ?

Thank you

Hi @hpannecoucke! What value are you currently setting for your Cache-Control header? I would suggest taking a look at the options here and see which one might best suit your needs. Specifically no-cache and no-store might be of interest.

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