Any Way to Hide when custom domain is Linked

Can we hide as I want the deployed app to be only accessible through my custom domain if cant remove onrender can we just make it password protected or something like a static page that says this service is archived and can be accessed using custom domain only

Hi @Mitesh_Metha ,

Can you help me understand why you’d want to not have the domain available? If you are using custom domains and not sharing your domain, it shouldn’t be visible to your users.

Not a specific reason but I would like the Nodeapp restapi should be access using rather than

Althought I would be using everywhere but Just didnt want user to know theres another way to reach service via

Thanks for the clarification—that makes sense. As long as you only share the custom domain (Custom Domains | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers) and don’t share your, you should be good. If you run into any issues with that, just let us know and I’ll be happy to help.

It would be nice if the domain automatically redirected to the custom domain. For example, this is something that GitHub Pages does ( => custom domain if set up).

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That’s a great idea :slight_smile: I’ve added that as a comment to a general domain redirect feature request we’re tracking at Domain level redirects | Feature Requests | Render

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Does Render prevent indexing of sites by search engines? I tried to retrieve a domain-level robots.txt from but it redirected me to

I’d imagine that would be really important. (A project obviously can’t serve its own robots.txt disallowing everything, it would show up on the custom domain.)

Re the when you already have a custom domain, I’d like three options:

  1. Disable it completely <== This is what I’d use
  2. Redirect to the custom domain with a 301 (moved permanently)
  3. Serve the site (what it does currently)

(Or you could also offer a 302 option.)


– T.J.