Trouble hiding services from public with Cloudflare Access

My team is using Cloudflare Access to restrict public access to our dev and test environments. This is fine with our custom domain but the * domains and PR previews are still available for public access without protection.

Is there a way for us to disable the * URLs and just have our custom domain? This would be extra nice if the PR previews could use the custom domain only as well.


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Hi there.

I’m pretty sure there is not a way to disable the onrender url.

Here is a topic on the matter:
Any Way to Hide when custom domain is Linked - General - Render

Here is a feature request to solve this:
Disable/redirect/add noindex headers for URLs | Feature Requests | Render

Hi Steven,

Thanks for reaching out.

Bergur’s comment has pretty much covered it. The only real workaround at this time would be to catch any requests via in your app’s code and redirect them.

Kind regards


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