Any way that I can deploy nodejs app via github workflow

I’ve seen on some issues closed without any response. I don’t want this to happen with me.
I’ve a server written in Express TypeScript.
I want to deploy it via github workflow specifically, because I’ve some other services attached with it to execute on deployment e.g. discord notification and deployment link attachment etc.
Anyone that can help.
Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

You can take control of a service’s deploys via Render’s API. Here are some docs that can help get you started:

Let us know if you have any further questions.


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Thanks Mike, it is has indeed been helpful.
So I made the build using GitHub’s workflow run and works pretty well. Since, I know this is a curl command behaves like an http request, but is there any way that after making the request and wait for the render console command to return the preview URL or at least some method that I can use to check whether the build has failed or succeeded.