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I have a code that tracks cryptocurrencies and generates signals to them. It takes 5.30 hours to generate the first signal, and it resets each time the code restarts. I use the free service on the Singapore server with flask in Python. With Uptimerobot I can see when the code has stopped. One of my codes gave an error at the beginning, but for the last 60 hours it did not give any errors. Some of my codes have had no problems for an average of 21 hours since I started, but some of my codes are constantly giving errors and the error given by all my codes is giving the error 503 Service Unavailable and making me wait again for 5.30 hours. What is the root cause of the 503 Service Unavailable error? There is no bug in the code.

Hi there,

I can’t comment about what you’re trying to do here, but what can say is that the free instance types will go to sleep 15 minutes after the last request was received


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

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