503 error happening too often

What is going on with the free tier? I have a django server, and lately I’ve been noticing the server going down too often, then after a while it goes back on, why is this happening? Before the server was more stable, and the worst part this server is for a low traffic website


Facing the same issue, either there is a bug or this is a business strategy

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Hey there,
Free services will sleep after 15 minutes of activity as we detail at https://render.com/docs/free - I’d be curious when you get a 503 if you could provide the output of curl -I https://<service-address> - this will indicate whether the 503 is actually due to an issue at your application.

@sahil - It’s not a business strategy at all! Free instance types should work fine, if they don’t, there’s something wrong, either at the application itself or a bug.

John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

Well that’s not an issue with the service as among the services which are returning 503 too often, some of them have no code changes at all for months. I even tried redeploys still the issue persist. So this is definitely a bug with render

Hi I am getting 503 error when I open pages on left hand side even when I upload a small file like 13kb still I get message.
I get the following error:

Server unhealthy
Ran out of memory (used over 512MB) while running your code.

Here is the link: https://dehazer-image-processing.onrender.com/

Please Help

The services are going down too frequently :confused::confused::confused::disappointed:

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Also facing the same issues recently within the last few days. Constant 503 error

Same issue here.
Simple Python FastAPI BE returning a simple response, but sometimes for hours the only response I get is 503/

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