Zero-downtime database copying -- any way to CREATE SUBSCRIPTION?

I’d like to upgrade the Postgres major version, which requires creating a new database and copying the data over to it. The simplest solution – forbidding writes to the old database, making a backup, and restoring it to the new database – is not viable for us, as from a business perspective we can’t accept the downtime that would entail (in my test, it took roughly an hour to do so).

The next tool I would reach to would be to set up logical replication from the old database to the new database. However, this doesn’t appear to be possible on render databases; it seems to require permissions I don’t have to set the wal_level or to CREATE SUBSCRIPTION.

Is there a way that I can either (a) get this replication set up or (b) is there an alternative way to do zero-downtime database copying?

We don’t have in-place upgrades available just yet - but it’s definitely something that we want to be able to offer in the future.

And being a managed service, there are commands that are limited. If you reach out to us directly then when we identify the DB in question and we might be able to offer some suggestions,


John B
Render Support, UTC :uk:

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