PostgreSQL upgrade downtime

Hi, we are evaluating moving to Render, and our main concern is regarding the DB and the downtime that would be required in different scenarios:

  1. Migrating the DB to Render: since the DB is not too small (~100GB), it would take quite some downtime to migrate it with a pg_dump/pg_restore. Are there any other (quicker) options?

  2. As we grow, we will probably have to upgrade the DB and move up to a bigger tier. What would the downtime look like in that case?
    Is it more in seconds, a few minutes, or an hour?

  3. While testing, I created a PG v14 database on Render instead of v15, and I can’t see an option to upgrade to the newer version.
    That is not an issue for now, but I wanted to know how that migration would look in terms of the process and downtime involved.


Hi Paolo,

Have you looked into the --jobs flag as mentioned in our Migration Docs?

Migrations that can’t be addressed with pg_dump/pg_restore are best addressed on a case-by-case basis. Please feel free to email and we’d be happy to discuss options.



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